GSoC Post 2

Hi! In the previous post I mentioned that the matching part between the quads was done. Following that, the past 2 weeks were devoted to: first get the theta (rotation) and scale values related to each quad. To do this, we use a linear transformation between the pixel coordinates and the projection plane coordinates (thatContinue reading “GSoC Post 2”

GSoC Post 1

Hey there. I am working on the Astrometry project from Gnuastro and I will explain below the first things that I have been doing. Basically, we have two catalogs: one is the query catalog, which we want to find its wcs, and the reference catalog, that gives some stars positions in celestial coordinates. We beginContinue reading “GSoC Post 1”

GSoC Post 0

Hello! I’m writing this first post to say that I’m sending a proposal to participate in GSoC in the Gnuastro (from OpenAstronomy) project called Astrometry. The goal of the project is to get an astronomical image and convert its pixel coordinates to sky coordinates without any prior information about the input image’s location. It’s aContinue reading “GSoC Post 0”